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About B-Insight

Pioneers in Neuroinclusion Consulting

We excel at forging meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

At b-insight, we’re on a mission to transform organisations into inclusive, people-centric powerhouses. Founded by duo team Joulie and Adrian, they bring a unique blend of personal lived experience, frameworks, methods and professional expertise to the table; working together to create lasting change.

Joulie, a dynamic thought leader in Consulting, Neuroinclusion, has amassed decades of experience in Data & Analytics and is dedicated to disrupting bias. With her unique multicultural upbringing and extensive international work experience, Joulie has cultivated cultural intelligence and sensitivity that are both experiential and academic. Importantly, she embodies a wide range of diversity categories herself, providing firsthand insights into the complexities and opportunities of intersectionality.

As she aptly puts it,

“You cannot learn how to drive a car from someone who has never driven. You cannot rely on individuals without lived experiences to guide you in disrupting bias or fostering authenticity within a psychologically safe work environment.”

Joulie Gindi

On the other hand, Adrian brings a wealth of expertise from his years of work in academic and social guidance for gifted children. His educational background and experience advising parents and guardians on nurturing, safeguarding and enabling neurodivergent young adults make him an invaluable asset. Adrian’s boundless energy and toolset extend not only to young adults but also to older individuals and professionals. His composed demeanor allows him to effortlessly connect with clients and plan out attainable goals that propel individuals to new heights.

“Every person offers a unique perspective on the world; take a moment to see it, and you might be pleasantly surprised.”

We understand the challenges organisations face in a tech-driven, rapidly changing world and how disengagement and burnout can take a toll on your employees, employers and your bottom line. We firmly believe that organisations that invest in their people and foster diversity and inclusion are the ones that truly thrive; our team is dedicated to helping you achieve just that.

As part of our unwavering dedication; we may collaborate with other consultancies, professional psychologists and others to achieve your goal.

Adrian Pascu

We excel at forging meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

Discover how B-Insight can help you elevate your staff, prevent burnout, and navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with a human-centric approach.